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By The Way

What's the scene?

At Srishti Manipal Institute’s very own internal communication channel, get to know all the clubs, talks, events and much more. Let us keep you connected to the faculty, student body and alumni: A one-stop destination to unite, grow and chill.

My Role

UX Designer and Researcher

The Team

Human Centered Design Students

Visual Comm. Students

Service Design Students

Information Design Students

Tools Used

Adobe XD



2 week workshop

March 2021

My Key Contributions

User Research

Concept Ideation 


Web Design


Secondary Research

Primary Research

Generate Insights


Basic Sketches and Experimentation


Final Sketches

Mockup on XD 


Presentation to a panel of faculty

The Start
Problem Space

With only a two week duration, our class of 20 was given a project of doing any internal branding project for Srishti. Initially, we thought of coming up with events, new class ideas, workshop ideas, etc. However, as we discussed we felt the need to solve a key issue the students here face.

Having a large community of students, the communication of information on the different happenings in our college (such as events, student clubs, student initiatives, student work, etc) was extremely scattered and not easily accessible. (multiple instagram pages, no clear direction from the college website)

Hence, how might we bring together all the information and communicate it in a more coherent and regular manner while also being fun and student friendly?

Secondary Research

Secondary research conducted in order to get an understanding of :

  • Internal Communication Channels of other college

  • Type of content in such channels

  • To what extent can someone outside their college view such content

SR 2.png
Primary Research

Primary research conducted through a survey for student across all courses and batches to understand :

  • Their opinions on existing communication channels

  • What they could improve on?

  • The need for a new mode of communication.

  • Their preferred modes of communication

After receiving 400 responses from students across all fields and years, we analyzed the data points and generated insights.

Key Insights
Insight #1

Accessibility and clear updates → Higher usage

If the students knew exactly where to find these platforms or could go to a single place instead of  extensively searching for them every time, they would regularly access them to view the content.

Right now, the Srishti instagram does not mention the other  pages for clubs and student work and hence, not many students know about them.

Insight #2

Clear direction for all platforms

Each platform felt extremely disconnected from the other and there wasn’t any coherence between each platform. Many events taking place weren’t regularly updated in the accounts as word as a result of which, word of mouth was heavily relied on. However, word of mouth doesn’t reach many people.

Insight #3

No sense of community

Srishti has scattered buildings and not a single campus. Hence, we already don’t have a sense of community unlike other colleges. Moreover, the scattered modes of communication just add to this feeling as many students, especially first years who don’t know where to go to access event dates and club resources.


Keeping all the insights from our research in mind, I ideated on different ways we could cater to these insights. Ideation topics included ways to use the platforms, the web interface, user journey, user flow and the content on our final interface. I had mainly worked on the web interface on XD.

Ideation 4.jpg
Ideation 3.jpg
Ideation 2.png
BTW Logo.png

Welcome to By The Way!

Clubs and Events

By The Way keeps you connected to all the clubs and events at Srishti such as Scatter One (Dance club), Mujo (event organization), Mandali (Theatre) and more! All details about upcoming events, event calendars, sign ups for clubs and more will be easily accessible to all Srishti students through the BTW portal.


Links to all the social media accounts under Srishti will be available on BTW. From the dance Instagram accounts to the weekly uploads of the theatre group on YouTube, all the social media accounts will be easily accessible through the BTW website.


Srishti’s very own editorial, What the Faff, will be available through the BTW website. With direct links to the latest edition of the editorial as well as the portal to purchase the the printed copy of it will be available through BTW.


By The Way would act as a portal to various other Srishti platforms such as the instagram page, club pages, the Srishti magazine and more. This portal can be accessed directly through the home page of the Srishti website - a site which every student knows about right from their first year making it easily accessible.

Clear Directions

The portal will contain a landing page with links and directions to the different pages and resources.

Sense of Community

In order to coherently communicate information and create a sense of community at the same time, we decided to create a brand called By The Way with the tagline What’s the Scene? (a popular slang used by Srishti students as a way of asking what’s going on or how things are). ​

Addressing the Insights

Srishti’s very own internal communication channel. 

Get to know all the clubs, talks, events and much more. Let us keep you connected to the faculty, student body and alumni: A one-stop destination to unite, grow and chill.

MacBook Pro 16_ - 1.png
MacBook Pro 16_ - 2.png

BTW logo to enter the login screen

Switch to btw brand colours



Challenges We Faced

Due to the time constraints, we were unable to get any concrete user feedback. This is a very important step however, we were only able to show it to a few students and not conduct a proper feedback session. 

Once this project goes ahead, we will conduct a feedback session and improve on the existing prototype.

This project was then presented to a panel of Srishti faculty, each from a different field. We got feedback on the visuals, brand and the interface.

Final Thoughts

After a busy 2 weeks, the team was extremely proud of the work we had accomplished in such a short span. The panel of faculty praised the amount of research conducted to generate insights as it is a step we initially used to rush through as students. 


One thing we would definitely have worked on was to plan our timeline better to have gotten user feedback. Moreover, with more time we could have worked on the interface and user flow more to create a higher fidelity prototype.

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